Home Enterprise for People Over 50

A home enterprise for people over 50 can be best summed up as a New Opportunity and a New Life.

And it’s not exclusive to the over 50’s either.

With today’s technology and world-wide access to potential customers, a new life and a new career is available to anybody who wants to reach out and grasp it.
However, for those people facing retirement, the prospect of stopping work may not be acceptable, but the prospect of a new career with a new lease of life could well be the catalyst to finally start that dream lifestyle business.

For many, the thought of retirement is the equivalent of a slow and mind-numbing death.

If you have been a productive person all of your life and used to earning a certain level of income, you are probably one of those people for whom work gives meaning and purpose, and your ideal retirement might look much the same as it is now but in a slightly reduced and more flexible capacity.

To say that to enjoy your golden years you must take up fishing, start sleeping until noon or sit in a rocker and watch the day go by while gradually turning into a senior citizen would to many be the same as sentencing them to life in prison without parole.

Home enterprise for people over 50. Retirement pot and an alarm clock

It isn’t fair that we should impose the same ideology of retirement on everyone.

For many it’s very probable that working would be the thing that makes their retirement meaningful, while others must continue to work into their retirement years because they did not or could not prepare sufficienly for retirement.

Whatever the situation, a home based business is the perfect solution to either a shortfall in income or the slow and mind-numbing onset of total boredom, or both!

You might have it in mind that you’re going to catch up with all the little things you missed out on while you were working, such as meeting your wife for lunch after she’s spent the morning at the hairdressers.

And that’s all very nice, but with the best intentions in the world, there’s only so many times you can meet up for lunch or coffee without running out of things to chat about. Especially when all you’ve done is snooze in front of the television.

What sort of business should you consider for retirement?

Often we find the career we are in is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up, or it becomes physically too demanding to carry on into older age.

However, everybody has knowledge and experience they’ve accumulated over the years, and often that is knowledge that others are seeking. It’s just a matter of getting the knowledge out to those who want it.

This can be done by setting yourself up as an expert or consultant, developing a product or service that allows others to purchase that information (such as a training course), or find somebody who has already developed a training package and sell it on your own branded website for a commission or profit.

If all this sounds complicated then don’t worry as the process is actually very straightforward and I’ll explain more in further posts.

On the other hand, you may want to do something completely different, and that’s fine.

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The key is choosing something that;

– Allows flexibility so you have time to enjoy life. (After all, you’re supposed to be retired)

– Generates income quickly.

– Doesn’t have high setup costs or the requirement of a large investment.

– Preferably doesn’t involve employing anybody or holding stock.

– Doesn’t involve a lot of physical effort. This is about using your greatest asset (your brain) to develop a new and exciting life.

Can I really do this?

It’s not uncommon for people to start a new career beyond 50. In fact a recent study revealed that the Baby Boomer generation are by far the greatest percentage of small business starters of the 50 + age group.

After working hard all their lives, many just want a career where they can use their creative side, one that can be a natural transition into retirement, and one that will be an income generator long after their physical capabilities have diminished.

And whether they realize it or not, they have the knowledge, they have the enthusiasm and they have the contacts.
Additionally, the skills and knowledge learned in the business world will easily transition into a lucrative career later in life, be it consulting, selling your own products, affiliate marketing, coaching, training, or any of the other opportunities that the digital age has brought within everybody’s grasp.

Mature Female Consultant on a conference call

Similarly, if you have any sort of trade, DIY skills or crafting skills then the world of “how to” is absolutely exploding with interest

Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can’t – Either Way You Are Correct.

This saying was a famous quote by Henry Ford meaning that you can either talk yourself into success, or talk yourself out of it.

But either way, you will justify your reasons.

Home Enterprise for people over 50. Henry Ford

We are stood before a new dawn of amazing opportunity.

In case it’s missed your attention, we are alive at the greatest and most productive time in history since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. One where more millionaires are created every day than the whole of that incredible period in time.

The Industrial Revolution had a massive impact on the wealth of the world and the way everybody worked. Today history is repeating itself, but now it’s called the Digital Revolution (or the internet).

For the first time in mankind’s evolution there is knowledge, learning and a worldwide audience available at the touch of a keyboard, and the opportunity is their for anybody who has the courage to reach out and embrace the technology and new way of working.

So what is the potential of this, and how would it benefit me?

home enterprise for over 50.mature female doing craft work

Every day there are cottage industries taking off and becoming massively successful simply by getting knowledge and information out into cyber space.

But let’s not get carried away with the thought of earning millions. That can be a block in itself, and requires its own infrastructure that goes beyond a simple home based business.

Let’s consider what a modest extra £150 a day would do to your lifestyle. Even over a 5-day period that’s £3,000 per month.

Do you think you could live a comfortable retirement with an extra £3K a month coming in?

I’m pretty sure it would make a difference to most folks lives.

Don’t let the fear of technology hold you back.

Maybe you work in finance but are talented at making beautiful pottery, or you live by the sea and have a talent for creating original jewelry or decorations crafted from artifacts found on the beach.

It’s only a small extra learning curve and minimal outlay to learn how to create a wonderful website and start generating sales. (Incidentally original pieces made from beach junk is huge online at the moment, just in case you thought it was an idea with no merit)

You could work with a website developer and marketer to get your product out on the internet, or you could learn how to do it yourself. (Always the best option to start. Once you understand the process then scale up by outsourcing your work)

Whichever way, once you have your web presence set up you might have more orders than you know what to do with, all nicely topping up your bank account.

The different ways to create a lifestyle business in your retirement years are only limited by your imagination.

And once you have your new career up and running, you can continue well into your retirement without many of the worries other retired people have.

You can enjoy the freedom and pleasure of an amazing retirement lifestyle and make plenty of money at the same time. Now that’s an awesome combination.

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