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My name is Paul, I’m based in the North of England surrounded by the rugged rolling hills of the Pennine Way Mountain Range and Peak District National Park.

My simple pleasures are my lovely family, Jack Russell dogs, writing, cooking and DIY (I used to be a tradesman involved in plumbing, electrical work and building services, which goes to show that even white van men evolve eventually).

These days I enjoy life as an internet marketer, product creator, blogger, building websites for local small and new start business, and advising on UK health and safety.

This is my book, You Can Wake Up To Wealth, which is currently on sale at Amazon, but if you stick around a while you might get a copy for FREE!

It’s a great read and really opens up your eyes to the potential of earning a living from home using the internet and a website as your business.

I’ve been interested and immersed in internet marketing since 2008.

Having been involved in local business offline (traditional bricks and mortar) where the only way to generate business was within your local community via newspaper advertising, expensive directory advertising, or just good old fashioned great service and word of mouth, I became fascinated by the notion that a whole world of potential customers could be reached at the touch of a button for a fraction of the previous cost, and often for FREE.

Effectively, your website is your shop window and you can portray yourself as big or small as you want. Not only that, there are millions of people on the internet all looking for answers to problems in all different areas or niches. And that’s what I found so amazing…

This is my report on Niche Marketing and how you can start your own business on line.

You can have a copy of this with my compliments as it’s the corner stone of any online business, and teaching people how to set up their own website business with solid ethical foundations ripples throughout this site.

Click on the book or the link below to access your FREE copy….


Niche Intelligence Report. The Maturepreneur

Let me break it down a little.

Traditional Local Business Vs Online Business.

Using me as an example. I partnered in a local business providing property services to letting agents and housing co-operatives. At the peak we had twenty vehicles on the road and employed thirty staff.

Yes, I earned a decent enough living but the overheads and commitment were astronomical.

Even starting a simple brick and mortar business can involve a massive financial commitment, often putting your home on the line.

The basics of this will include purchasing or leasing premises, fitting the premises out to make it attractive. If this happens to be a fashion store, food store or restaurant then the outlay can be well over 150k just to make it enticing. On top of that there’s stock, insurance, staff, utilities. The list is endless, and that’s before you’ve taken a single penny through the till!

As for the Franchise route, I won’t even go there…. (read more about different business types here)

The new way to start a business

Thankfully we are fortunate enough to be living in the most amazing and exciting period in time for wealth creation and business since the Industrial Revolution, and it’s reaching and touching everybody, blessing all who embrace it with the same opportunity…

It’s called the Internet, and currently we are on the up-curve of something so massive that it’s going to change the lives of everybody, and the way of working for millions of people…..

So if you want to be a part of this new way of creating business and earning way more money than J.O.B (just over broke), or relying on your pension to meet the ever spiralling cost of living, then I suggest you start now by downloading my Free report, Niche Intelligence…

Not only will it open your eyes to the possibilities out there, but it will explain in plain simple language how and where people are making money by targeting specific niche markets.

A copy is waiting for you completely FREE of charge, and following on from that I will send you some great resources that will open your eyes further and introduce you to the amazing opportunities out there for Mature Entrepreneurs or people wanting to supplement their income or pension.

There is a better way for mature people to start a business, side hustle or earn a bit extra, and I want to show and encourage you. This report and all the information I’m going to send you won’t cost a single penny, so there’s no reason not to at least give it a go.

And if it’s not for you then it’s cost you nothing and you’ve risked nothing.

There is a way to live a better life in older age, but you can’t do it without developing a way to create extra income, and the internet holds that key.


Niche Intelligence Report. The Maturepreneur